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Published: 04th May 2011
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Nursing uniforms come in a variety of different styles and colors mostly blue and white, the blue is usually a very dark navy blue style and the white a very clean and professional look.

Female nurses often ware nurse dresses which are also worn by other members of staff in the health care professional such as retirement home workers and also home carers to give the patient a more relaxed comfortable feeling when dealing with nurses. Also female dental nurses wear either exactly the same or similar nurse dresses. The female dresses are usually split up into three sections which are very easy to notice, they are as follows:

The nurse dress which will either be zip up or a choice of stud buttons for fastening. This will either be plain white, navy blue, sometimes a dark burgundy or a deep red shade in areas of Europe. This could also either be striped or have some sort of basic pattern on the dress.

Female nurses will also have the healthcare tunic which is again very popular with other care staff such as dental nurses or health care workers. Female nurse trousers is the 3d section apart from the shoes, this will match the nurses tunic and nurses dress and are only available from size 8 to size 28. Nurses are told that they have to have at least 1 size above what they are measured at to avoid the clothing being too tight which would reveal the shape of the female nurses body. Female nurse clothing is designed be as comfortable as possible and also be practical for there job too.

Male nurse uniforms are very similar to female nurse uniforms apart from the tunics and dress, it is usually a simple shirt type uniform again with practical nurse trousers.

Nurse shoes for both female and male nurses has to be very practical as hospitals can be a dangerous place, the shoes need to be a high quality smooth and soft leather with anti slip patterned sole to avoid any accidents which may occur when working in a busy hospital.

A recent popular style of shoe is the new lightweight EVA plastic clog shoe which are commonly referred too as 'Crocs'. This is a pair of unisex lightweight clogs which do have amazing vents which help with fluid penetration and it also helps with bacteria. These shoes are also washable which means you can bring your footwear home place it in the washing machine and have them dry for the next day at work getting rid of all the chemicals and bacteria picked up from a busy day in the modern healthcare world.

Nurse uniforms need to be very comfortable so that it gives the nurse to concentrate on there work in the modern healthcare environment. Most staff are very busy and need clothing that feels loose so that they can travel around a hospital without clothing being too tight. It is important that when your choosing your nurses uniform that you select something that looks professional, feels great and sometimes you maybe even able to customize your nurses uniform with different types of embroidery service on offers from most online stores.

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